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The floor gets more abuse than any other area of a commercial or industrial facility subject to traffic, dirt and spillages as well as abuse from furniture and equipment.

Yet, despite this when selecting a new flooring solution, the number one client consideration still seems to remain the material’s cost at face value. Then matters of colour and style come in to play with downtime, maintenance and operating costs the least concern.

But taking a holistic view of the full cost of the flooring over the life of the installation alongside the added value benefits of a flooring solution such as the ability to positively assist with maintenance and care programmes as well as reducing health and safety issues, can ensure that the floor is seen as more as an asset to a facility, rather than an on-going headache.

Flowcrete Australia – a leading manufacturer of resin based floor coating systems - understands the challenges faced by facilities managers and in order to help alleviate stress and allow facilities managers to consider a lifecycle cost, maintenance and performance approach has compiled a wealth of educational material to help guide you through the specification process.

Explore some of the flooring issues faced by Facilities Managers

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Fast Cure MMA Flooring Solutions

Flowcrete Australia offers a range of fast cure MMA resin flooring solutions. These systems, both durable and decorative, have been designed to minimise the operational or construction downtime associated with the installation of a new floor finish.

Key Advantages

  • Very fast turnaround
  • Low maintenance
  • Cures at low temperatures
  • Decorative options available
  • Low VOC content

Key Industries

  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
  • Government & Public Spaces
  • Retail & Commercial Premises

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