Industrial Resin Flooring

  • Industrial Resin Flooring
  • Industrial Resin Flooring
  • Industrial Resin Flooring
  • Industrial Resin Flooring
  • Industrial Resin Flooring
  • Industrial Resin Flooring

Performance industrial flooring materials from Flowcrete Australia provide durable, hardwearing surfaces suited to a wide range of demanding service conditions from aerospace and automotive to warehouses and assembly lines. 

Commonly used in manufacturing, production and factory environments, Flowcrete Australia's industrial resin flooring range is so vast that we are able to provide the correct flooring solution for end-user clients from a range of industries.

From epoxy based floor coatings right through to tough and durable polyurethane resin systems, we offer materials that have been designed to accommodate areas of light tolerance through to heavy-duty manufacturing.

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Available Systems

The following systems are available in Flowcrete Australia's range of Industrial resin flooring…

Technical Data

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Title Type Download
Flowcoat CR System Data Sheets
Flowcoat OP System Data Sheets
Flowcoat SK System Data Sheets
Flowcoat UV System Data Sheets
Flowcrete MF System Data Sheets
Flowshield SL System Data Sheets
Flowcoat CR Architectural Specifications
Flowcoat OP Architectural Specifications
Flowcoat SK Architectural Specifications
Flowcoat SK UV Architectural Specifications
Flowcoat SK UV Matte Architectural Specifications
Flowcoat SK-T Architectural Specifications
Flowcoat UV Architectural Specifications
Flowcoat UV 1 mm Architectural Specifications
Flowcoat UV 2.5 mm Architectural Specifications
Flowcrete SR Gloss (4 mm) Architectural Specifications
Flowfast Industrial Architectural Specifications
Mondéco EP Architectural Specifications

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