Flowfresh for Flagship Hospital

  • Flowfresh the Favourite Floor for Flagship Hospital
  • Flowfresh includes the antimicrobial agent Polygiene®
  • Made from cementitious polyurethane, Flowfresh is a durable and reliable flooring material that is able to withstand abusive environments without failing.

Flowfresh the Favourite Floor for Flagship Hospital

01 Oct 2014

  • Fiona Stanley Hospital had an ultra hygienic floor installed.
  • Flowfresh SR was installed in the patient catering facility.
  • Flowfresh includes the antimicrobial agent Polygiene®.

The $2 billion Fiona Stanley Hospital had an ultra hygienic floor installed that meets its ethos of utilising state-of-the-art technology to provide a world-class medical facility.

The 783 bed tertiary hospital is equivalent in size to four city blocks, making the medical campus in Murdoch the largest construction project ever undertaken by the State Government. It will also become Western Australia’s new flagship hospital when it begins a four phase opening sequence in October 2014.

Throughout the project pioneering construction ideas have been embraced alongside advanced scientific, technological and medical innovations to ensure that patients and the medical community have access to a wide range of clinical, research and education services.

As part of this commitment to meeting world-leading standards, 1,120m² of the innovative antimicrobial floor Flowfresh SR was installed in the patient catering facility. This solution was chosen to ensure a sanitary environment that would minimise the risk from harmful contaminants.

Flowfresh includes the antimicrobial agent Polygiene® which actively assists on-site cleaning regimes by inhibiting the growth of up to 99.9% of bacteria on the floor surface.

The Managing Director of Flowcrete Australia, Sean Tinsley, said: “Hygiene is a paramount concern in both medical and food environments, and so is doubly vital within an area such as patient catering.

“Flowfresh is the ideal solution for locations such as this thanks to its ability to retain a smooth, hard wearing finish, which is not only easy to clean but which works to eliminate unwanted and potentially harmful pathogens before the cleaning routine even starts.”

Made from cementitious polyurethane, Flowfresh is a durable and reliable flooring material that is able to withstand abusive environments without failing. It has been formulated to resist chemicals, wear, heat and hot water so that the floor’s surface remains level and crack-free, a vital consideration for ensuring a hygienic environment, as contaminants can accumulate and thrive within gaps in the floor.

The Polygiene® additive incorporated within the Flowfresh resin eliminates germs by emitting powerful silver ions that destroy gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. This natural solution doesn’t utilise harsh or toxic chemicals to achieve its germ killing property and as it is incorporated throughout the hard wearing Flowfresh mixture its effectiveness won’t fade over time.

The installation of the patient catering facility’s floor was completed over a 6-week period and was applied in both 4mm and 6mm thicknesses to match the demands of the environment.

The client awarded the project to Antiskid Industries Pty Ltd, which is the exclusive applicator of Flowcrete products in Western Australia. Antiskid Industries recommended that Flowfresh should be used over all alternative products for the project.

Flowcrete Australia is committed to working with clients throughout the specification, installation and life-time of the floor to make sure that the best solution for them is chosen and that a high-quality, long term finish is provided.


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