Blasta Brewery

Blasta Brewery Creates Beers That are Both Bold and Fresh

Located in Forrestfield, WA, Blasta Brewery is dedicated to producing bold and fresh, high-quality beers. Inspired by the Scottish Gaelic word “Blasta,” which means delicious, the brewery’s dream to brew the best beers came to fruition after traveling throughout Europe and Scotland.

As the brewing equipment was already installed, the challenge was to do the surface preparation and installation of the flooring system without removing the equipment which would shut down their operation and be extremely costly.

By choosing the Flowfresh SL system, the contractor, Antiskid Industries, ensured the colour matched Blasta Brewery’s colour scheme and provided an antimicrobial finish to provide additional resistance against microbial growth. The polyurethane cement resin-based flooring system offers superior strength, durability, and resilience to temperature and impact, providing end-users with the highest possible hygiene standards.

Antiskid Industries demonstrated its skill by providing a professional and visually pleasing floor finish without removing the brewery equipment. The installation was completed quickly, ensuring minimal disruption to the business.

Project Details

  • Client: Blasta Brewery
  • Products: Flowfresh Polyurethane Cement
  • Market Sector: Food and Drink, Manufacturing
  • Location: Forrestfield, Western Australia
  • Year: 2023

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