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Bright Brewery Toasts New Facility with Antimicrobial Flooring

With Victoria’s northeast being prime hops-growing country, it’s no wonder there’s a handful of impressive breweries to be discovered among the hills. In Bright, there is the aptly named Bright Brewery, which has been brewing ales with local hops and fresh mountain water since 2005.

Bright Brewery uses fresh mountain water, quality ingredients, craft brewing techniques and sustainable practices to brew their signature beers. All beers are brewed on site, including small batches of seasonal, experimental beers.

Recently, Bright Brewery has constructed a brand new; purpose designed and built brewing facility, with excellent consideration given to drain placement and location of the mezzanine platform, to ensure efficient production.

As part of the project, a total 1,500 m2 of the hygienic and antimicrobial cementitious polyurethane range Flowfresh from Flowcrete has been installed. 

600 m2 of the slip resistant Flowfresh SR was installed in varying thicknesses across the heavy-duty areas of the brewery in Warm Buff. These areas required a robust system, which would handle both acids and cleaning chemicals and the thermal changes associated with fermentation and strict hygiene controls.

A further 900 m2 of Flowfresh Sealer was applied in the light duty walkways and passageways in Tile Red which would stand up to frequent foot traffic all whilst providing a hygienic platform underfoot.

Flowfresh is a line of HACCP International certified; antimicrobial treated cementitious urethane flooring designed predominantly for the food and beverage industry.

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