Campbell Park

Campbell Park Scores with Flowcrete Flooring

Located in the Inner West of Sydney, the City of Canada Bay’s Campbell Park sporting field provides the local community with professional sporting grounds and facilities.

The City of Canada Bay Council undertook the building of new facilities at Campbell Park including a storeroom, canteen kitchen and male and female amenities. As part of this project, a fit-for-purpose flooring system was required to provide a durable and safe platform for sporting ground users.

Flowcrete Australia’s Flowfast SRQ system was chosen for the 250 m2 area thanks to its durability, quick-cure and decorative finish.

The durability of the Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) resin-based system meant that it could withstand the foot traffic expected within the facility, whilst added slip resistance lowered the likelihood of slips, even if mud or water was walked into the building.

With daily exposure to strong cleaning chemicals expected, the chemical resistance of the flooring system reduced the risk of floor failure.

As well as being durable, Flowfast SRQ is also extremely decorative. Made from coloured quartz aggregates encapsulated within the MMA resin, the floor’s surface looks great and is very easy to clean, meaning that it will maintain it’s look for an extended period of time.

Project Details

  • Client: Campbell Park
  • Products: Aquatic & Leisure Solutions
  • Market Sector: Aquatic & Leisure
  • Location: Chiswick, New South Wales
  • Year: 2018

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