The Rocks Centre

Fast Curing Resin Terrazzo Renews The Rocks Centre

The Rocks Centre, located in Sydney’s iconic The Rocks district, revitalised its concourse area with a rapid curing new terrazzo flooring solution from Flowcrete Australia.

Home to a wide range of Australian fashion, accessories and gourmet food outlets, the historic venue’s tile floor in the main thoroughfares was looking dated and showing signs of wear. The Rocks Centre knew that it needed to bring the floor area back up to the high standard expected by its tenants and customers.

To achieve this, 500 m2 of the innovative seamless resin terrazzo system Mondéco Rapide was installed. This PUMMA system brings together the rapid curing power of methyl methacrylate (MMA) technology with the flexibility of polyurethane. The system’s rapid speed of cure reduces the overall installation time associated with epoxy or polyurethane resin terrazzo flooring systems by up to 75%. It can also be installed on top of a variety of substrates and for this project was applied directly on top of the existing tiles, reducing the refurbishment’s impact on the building, tenants, shoppers and environment. The installation was done in the evening and over stages to ensure there was no downtime for tenants.

A one-off colour called Grey Ghost was chosen and a special blend of marble chip aggregates was incorporated into the coating to give it a sparkling, dappled effect. This visual style was chosen to complement The Rocks Centre’s historical and industrial aesthetic, which is a key part of its brand identity.

Its durability meant that The Rocks Centre could rest assured that the heavy footfall, frequent cleaning and inevitable scuffs and scrapes of daily use would not affect the floor’s visual appeal or functionality.

Project Details

  • Client: The Rocks Centre
  • Products: Mondéco Terrazzo
  • Market Sector: Aquatic & Leisure
  • Location: Sydney
  • Year: 2017

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