Gateway Parking

Flowcrete Australia’s Deckshield Paves the Gateway

A privately owned residential apartment complex in the Pyrmont suburb of Darling Harbour, Sydney, needed a trafficable, hard-wearing and chemical resistant coating system for the car park.

The ‘Gateway’ car park also needed to deliver a P5 slip resistance rating, to safeguard residents and visitors against slip and trip hazards. To ensure that all of these requirements were met, Flowcrete Australia was consulted thanks to its expertise in deck coating systems and association with Parking Australia.

For the 300 m2 space, consisting of the driveway and pathway areas of the car park, Deckshield ID and Deckshield ID Rapide were chosen. The noise reducing, slip resistant and aesthetically pleasing Deckshield ID was installed on the entry and exit ramps leading to the underground car park thanks to its hard wearing and abrasion resistant finish.

Deckshield ID Rapide was installed on the pedestrian and cyclist pathways, ensuring a safe environment for all facility users. For added health and safety benefits, this system also proactively reduces noise such as tyre squeal and provides chemical resistance against common vehicular chemicals including brake fluids and motor oils.

The installation took three days to complete, and the car park was ready to welcome drivers, cyclists and pedestrians into the safe and visually pleasing space.

Project Details

  • Client: Gateway Parking
  • Products: Car Park Coatings
  • Market Sector: Car Parks
  • Location: Pyrmont, New South Wales
  • Year: 2018

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