Chef's Pantry

Flowfresh Finish for Fresh Veg Facility

The fresh food distribution business Chef’s Pantry specified a specialist polyurethane floor finish for its vegetable processing area to enhance the hygienic credentials of its facility.

As the freshness of the produce is a top priority for Chef’s Pantry, it is essential that each element of its processing site is designed to reduce the chance of contamination and safeguard the sanitary integrity of the building, equipment and produce.

Approximately 1,200m2 of Flowfresh SR (4-6mm) was installed with Flowfresh Sealer to create a seamless, easy to clean finish in Ash Grey that would maintain an impervious, gap-free coating despite the busy onsite operating conditions that are inherent to supplying over 90 tonnes of fresh products every week.

The new, light-reflective finish would provide the site with an aesthetically pleasing surface able to withstand the inevitable impacts, traffic, spillages and cleaning that it would be subjected to.

A key factor behind Chef’s Pantry’s choice of flooring was that Flowcrete Australia’s Flowfresh range has been HACCP International certified, which attests to its capacity to reduce the risk of food contamination within an intensive food industry environment.

Another important factor for Chef’s Pantry when it was undertaking its flooring specification was that Flowfresh incorporates the antimicrobial additive Polygiene®. This silver-ion based agent is able to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria in contact with the floor.

Flowcrete Australia’s approved applicator had to ensure that the flooring project was undertaken quickly, as there was only a limited shut down opportunity available. It was also important to minimise the installation timetable, as taintable food was being stored in an adjacent area.

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