Isuzu Cannon Hill

Isuzu Cannon Hill's Training Facility Upgrade with Flowshield UV

Isuzu UTE Australia, a renowned automotive company in Australia since 2008, upgraded its Cannon Hill training hill facility in November 2021. A key aspect of this upgrade was the selection of a robust and impact-resistant floor finish that could withstand the daily wear and tear of an automotive workshop environment.

Isuzu Cannon Hill opted for 660m2 of Flowshield UV 2.5mm in both the mechanical training area and warehouse zones.  This system proved the ideal solution for their flooring requirements based on the floor coating's exceptional qualities, including high impact resistance, excellent wear resistance, chemical resistance, and UV resistance. These features made Flowshield UV the perfect choice to withstand the challenges posed by the dynamic and demanding nature of the training workshop.

Flowshield UV is known for its ability to endure heavy foot traffic, equipment movement, and exposure to chemicals commonly found in workshop settings. Its high impact resistance ensures that the floor remains durable even in the face of constant stress from dropped tools and machinery. 

Epcon Contracting, a local Brisbane-based applicator was chosen by Isuzu to execute the flooring project. The installation was completed in two stages, beginning with the meticulous preparation of the existing floor, ensuring a smooth and even surface for the application of Flowshield UV 2.5mm.  

Project Details

  • Client: Isuzu UTE Australia - Cannon Hill
  • Products: Industrial Resin Flooring
  • Market Sector: Automotive
  • Location: Cannon Hill
  • Year: 2021

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