Move Apartments

Making the Move to Deckshield ED Rapide

As a responsible apartment owner, it is critical to ensure that car park repairs cause as little disturbance as possible. Move Apartments, based in WA, was in dire need of a reliable system for their car park that could guarantee quick completion while also ensuring a high-quality finish with minimal disturbance to the tenants' daily lives.

The contractor, Antiskid Industries, presented the Deckshield ED Rapide system, a crack-bridging MMA car park deck coating that delivers an aesthetically attractive, colourful, waterproof, durable and UV-resistant surface. The deck coating solution is also fire, abrasion and chemical-resistant, making it ideal for multi-residential car park applications. The highly textured finish utilises aggregates to provide a slip resistant platform which greatly reduces tyre squeal, further reducing the impact of vehicle traffic for residents.

The highly experienced applicator, Antiskid Industries was able to complete the surface preparation and application of the 1,100m² area within just four days. Deckshield ED Rapide supports a rapid return to service thanks to its methyl methacrylate resin-based technology.  This fast completion allowed tenants to resume their daily routine without delay, ensuring minimal disturbance and maximum satisfaction.

The Deckshield ED Rapide system is a reliable, cost-effective and visually appealing car park coating solution. The high-quality finish and system performance benefits make it a perfect solution for both residential and commercial car parks.

Project Details

  • Client: Move Apartments
  • Products: Car Park Coatings
  • Market Sector: Car Parks
  • Location: Western Australia
  • Year: 2023

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