Mandurah Station Multi-Storey Car Park

Mandurah Station Multi-Storey Car Park

Mandurah Car Park is a multi-storey, three-level car park including a ground floor, middle floor and open-air top deck. Local artists were engaged to decorate the structure with artworks celebrating flora, fauna and iconic Australian birds. The Mandurah Car Park was jointly funded by the State and Federal governments to encourage more people to use public transport.

The contractor, Antiskid Industries utilized a variety of Tremco and Flowcrete products. Deckshield ED Rapide was used to transform and protect the multi-storey car park decks. This hybrid PUMA system provides fire, slip, abrasion, UV and chemical resistance to the car park surface. The Deckshield ED Rapide system also features the unique Deckshield PDS Membrane which is assessed to AS 4654.1 Waterproofing membranes for external above-ground use, Part 1: Materials, delivering added protection against water ingress. 

Paraseal LG was chosen for the below grade waterproofing of the site. The unique product does not require curing, so backfilling could commence as soon as the sheet was installed, helping to avoid any unnecessary downtime. For the stairwells, a solvent free and low odour product was required. Antiskid Industries applied Flowcoat OP which delivered a protective coloured finish with a textured slip resistant profile. Areas with joints that required sealing, had Illmod 600 applied, ensuring a weathertight solution.

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