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Mantzaris Fisheries Avoids the Flooring Blues with Flowfresh

The seafood processing and distributing business Mantzaris Fisheries installed ultra-hygienic flooring from Flowcrete Australia in its busy production area.

Mantzaris Fisheries has a history in the seafood industry that spans 45 years and clients ranging from domestic markets to as far afield as Europe, Hong Kong and Canada. The company is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and needs to be able to work quickly and efficiently to make sure that its products are as fresh as possible when delivered.

However, the epoxy resin floor in its North Geelong production facility had begun to wear away due to the site’s strict cleaning regime and pressure from wheeled traffic. Mantzaris Fisheries knew that it needed to refurbish the floor to ensure a clean and safe working environment.

To achieve this, a floor finish was required that would facilitate high levels of cleanliness while being able to withstand the temperatures, traffic, point loading, spillages of seafood by-products, abrasions and frequent cleaning that it would be subjected to.

300 m2 of the robust polyurethane floor coating Flowfresh SR in a vibrant blue colour was applied thanks to its ability to provide a seamless, impervious and slip resistant finish. The durable nature of this system means that the floor will maintain its hygienic and functional properties for the long term. Flowfresh Sealer was used to complete the build-up and create a glossy, easy to clean surface.

The fact that the Flowfresh range has been HACCP International certified made it appealing to Mantzaris Fisheries, which is committed to adhering to the principles of HACCP. Every Flowfresh floor takes hygiene one step further by incorporating the antibacterial additive Polygiene®, which inhibits bacterial growth in between wash cycles.

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