Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre

Perth Shopping Centre Revitalises Car Park Entrance with Fast Curing Floor

The Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre in Perth has refurbished its car park entrance area in order to ensure that customers are presented with a clean and visually appealing floor area the moment they step foot inside the building.

Located in Success, Western Australia, the shopping centre is home to over 150 major retailers and specialty stores. This means that the site has to cope with a high number of visitors while at all times maintaining a pleasant and inviting shopping experience. This is a particular challenge when it came to the floor in the entrance area to the car park, as the heavy foot traffic that this location would be exposed to could quickly deteriorate an insufficiently robust finish.

To meet the dual demands of durability and aesthetics, the Gateway Cockburn Shopping Centre installed 450m2 of the methyl methacrylate enhanced flooring solution Flowfast Terrosso.

A Grey Granite blend was chosen for the floor’s colour in order to create a welcoming, natural atmosphere that tied into the shopping centre’s interior design scheme.

The rapidly curing nature of Flowfast Terrosso was ideal for this project, as it meant that the installation work could be completed earlier than would otherwise have been the case. In fact, the entire application took place during the evening over the course of only two weekends in order to minimise disruption to the shopping centre.

Project Details

  • Client: Gateway Cockburn Shopping Centre
  • Products: Flowfast Rapid Curing MMA
  • Market Sector: Retail
  • Location: Perth
  • Year: 2014

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