Huon Aquaculture

Salmon Smokehouse Expands on Flowfresh Floor

The food manufacturing design specialist Wiley specified a high performance resin floor from Flowcrete Australia for a $12 million, state-of-the-art smokehouse.

The Huon Aquaculture Smokehouse and Product Innovation centre in Parramatta Creek undertook a 10-month construction programme to upgrade, centralise and future-proof its operations. The project involved a refurbishment of the existing site as well as an extension that would double the business’ footprint. 

Wiley utilised its extensive expertise in the industry to create a revitalised facility that is expected to deliver more than one million dollars in cost savings in its first year of operation alone. 

As one of Australia’s premium global producers of fresh and smoked salmon products, the new 2,500m2 facility had to meet the highest standards of cleanliness. Wiley chose to install the polyurethane flooring system Flowfresh SR, which has been enhanced with the antimicrobial Polygiene® agent, to ensure that the floor area would provide a sanitary and robust surface for the site’s difficult operating conditions. 

The floor area would have to withstand the annual production of 17,000 tonnes of fresh salmon, which will inevitably subject it to heavy equipment, spillages of fish and by-products, frequent cleaning, thermal shock and constant foot traffic.

A 6mm layer of Flowfresh SR was applied in the smokehouse’s main processing areas, with stainless steel drainage incorporated into the finish. Different colours designate each area of the site to aid navigation and reduce cross contamination. A Signal Green floor was installed in the Cold Smoke Slicing room and Warm Buff was used for the Hot Smoke Slicing room.

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