Three Hooks Seafood

Seafood Processor Installs a Floor that Won’t Flounder

The wholesale seafood and fish processor Three Hooks Seafood required a robust floor finish for its facility in Marrickville, New South Wales, that would ensure a hygienic and safe surface underfoot. Flowcrete Australia supplied a specialist floor that would maintain a high performance finish despite the on-site challenges such as foot and trolley traffic, low temperatures, impacts, thermal fluctuations, cleaning, water exposure and point loading.

300m2 of Flowfresh SR (9mm) was applied across the facility’s processing and packaging areas as well as in the cold room. The highly durable polyurethane system was ideal for the task at hand as it is robust enough to withstand the demands of intensive food and beverage environments for an extended period of time. Flowfresh Sealer completed the project, giving the floor a glossy aesthetic. Different colours were chosen to differentiate parts of the facility, with a bespoke black applied in the loading and cold room areas and a light blue was used in the processing zone.

The Flowfresh range is HACCP International certified thanks to its ability to provide a hygienic surface fit the F&B industry. Its seamless and impervious properties make Flowfresh SR easy to clean and coving was added to avoid contaminants getting stuck between the floor and wall. Flowfresh incorporates the antimicrobial agent Polygiene®, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria in contact with the floor. Three Hooks Seafood knew that water and ice would inevitably end up on the floor the antislip nature of Flowfresh SR was therefore important in order to create a safe working space for its employees.

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