HACCP International Certified

  • HACCP International Certified
  • HACCP International Certified
  • HACCP International Certified
  • HACCP International Certified

Proving that a building is able to meet a high standard of hygiene is essential in many sectors, especially contamination sensitive settings such as the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.

The internationally recognised Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) management system provides a set of guidelines to ensure that the production process is as hygienic as possible. Flowcrete Australia’s polyurethane flooring range Flowfresh has achieved HACCP International Certification thanks to its ability to create a food safe floor area.

The key aspects of Flowfresh that make it an ultra-hygienic flooring system include its seamless, impervious, highly durable nature combined with its ability to incorporate coving and stainless steel drainage. Flowfresh even includes the natural silver-ion based antibacterial agent Polygiene®, which has been proven to meet the ISO 22916 standard.

While initially designed for the food and beverage industry, many other sectors are turning to HACCP International certified building materials, as it identifies systems that can create a highly sanitary working environment able to withstand difficult working conditions. 

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Recommended Systems

Here are just some of the systems that Flowcrete Australia recommends when HACCP International Certification is a key flooring requirement.

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