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Flowcrete Australia provides specialist epoxy resin flooring solutions ideal for private, commercial and military aviation environments. 

Our aerospace flooring systems have been used by various clients within the aerospace and aviation industry across Australia and New Zealand, including QANTAS, Air New Zealand, Department of Defence and the ExecuJet Aviation Group.  Globally Flowcrete is proud to have worked with aviation leaders such as Boeing, Airbus, NASA, Sikorsky, Lufthansa and Air Asia…

Our experience in flooring the aerospace and aviation sectors has become finely tuned to provide effective epoxy resin flooring solutions that measure up to the unique needs of these high impact environments.

Our flooring materials are typically used in aircraft hangars, aircraft parking areas and maintenance workshops, where the seamless finish of Flowcrete Australia's flooring systems deliver a surface that is both easy to clean and maintain - saving both time and money.

Our R&D Chemists have pioneered a unique high-build epoxy resin floor coating, Flowcoat SK, which delivers extreme resilience to aviation chemicals and corrosive jet fuels including Skydrol hydraulic fluid, making it the ideal coating for aerospace hangars and workshops.

We have developed a number of solvent-free epoxy resin floor coatings that offer clients exceptional durability, strength and resistance as well as seamless resin systems that prevent the build-up of electrical charge.

If you have either a refurbishment or new-build flooring project in the aerospace and aviation sector and need some advice from a flooring expert - contact Flowcrete Australia today, we'd be happy to hear from you!

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