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Flowcrete Australia has developed a range of antistatic floor coatings and linings, which have been used in the electronics goods industries for more than 30 years, with a global client list including Nokia, Ericson, Sony and LG Electronics.

Our time proven anti-static resin flooring systems offer impressive chemical resistance and durability.

These innovative floor coating systems ensure that any electrical charge is safely dissipated to earth, preventing the build-up of static electricity and the possible ignition of flammable vapours or powders.

Other hazards eliminated by our epoxy flooring material include unexpected shock in humans, false reading in sensitive instruments and damage to electronic circuits and components.

Furthermore, our self-smoothing and joint-free systems eliminate the build-up of dust and dirt, making them an ideal choice for electronic environments where cleanliness is of paramount concern.

If you have either a refurbishment or new-build flooring project in the electronics sector and need some advice from a flooring expert - contact Flowcrete Australia today, we'd be happy to hear from you!

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