ESD Resin Flooring Systems

  • Antistatic Resins
  • Antistatic Resins
  • Antistatic Resins
  • Antistatic Resins
  • Antistatic Resins

Utilising the latest in seamless resin flooring technology our electrostatic dissipating [ESD] systems are second to none in sensitive environments.

Our systems have been specially formulated to disperse static electricity, which is ideal for environments where sensitive components are handled such as in the electronics manufacturing industry or chemical processing sector.

Offering self-smoothing, hardwearing, chemical resistant and easy to clean properties as well as being able to withstand rigorous cleaning regimes, our ESD Flooring Systems offer a seamless alternative to tile or vinyl finishes - creating a watertight seal that is proven to last.

In addition, a vast number of our flooring materials, including Flowfresh and Mondéco, can be enhanced to provide antistatic, dissipative and conductive properties, which enable them to be used in electrostatic environments. Unsure of what you need? Reach out to the team for a detailed specification tailored to your project here.

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Available Systems

The following systems are available in Flowcrete Australia's range of ESD flooring solutions…

System Data (TDS)

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Flowprime ESD Conductive Product Data Sheets
Flowprime ESD Conductive Safety Data Sheets
Flowshield ESD SL System Data Sheets
Flowshield ESD SL Safety Data Sheets
Flowcoat BVG VOC Testing
Flowcoat ESD BVG Fire Testing

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