Rapid Curing MMA Resins

  • Flowfast Rapid Curing MMA
  • Flowfast Rapid Curing MMA
  • Flowfast Rapid Curing MMA
  • Flowfast Rapid Curing MMA

Flowfast systems from Flowcrete Australia are ready to use just two hours after application.  Our fast track MMA flooring concept allows clients to regain full use of their environment with a quick turnaround.

Using a methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin system, such as our Flowfast products, can accelerate construction programmes associated with new build or refurbishment projects.  Flowfast systems offers excellent, abrasion, wear, stain and slip resistance, can withstand thermal shocks and impact, and delivers a joint-free easily cleaned finish. Available in a creative blend of colours and textures Flowfast is ideal where a new floor needs to be installed quickly.

Flowfast MMA Flooring is suitable for use in the retail, commercial, hospitality and stadia sectors as well as the mechanical, chemical and electronic goods industries. Flowfast is also a popular choice for environments looking to have a new floor installed fast so as to avoid the problems traditionally associated with downtime such as the healthcare or manufacturing industries.

Flowcrete Australia offers the following formulations within the Flowfast range:

Flowfast Terrosso

Flowfast Terrosso is a seamless, durable methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin floor finish featuring decorative flake blends that delivers a fast track transformation for commercial and industrial environments.

Flowfast SRQ

Flowfast SRQ is a hard-wearing, decorative, fast curing MMA resin floor topping made up of colour stable quartz granules in a clear resin binder.

Flowfast SR

Flowfast SR is a hard-wearing, non-slip, fast-curing MMA coloured resin-based flooring system which provides a textured profile underfoot.

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Available Systems

The following systems are available in Flowcrete Australia's range of Flowfast rapid curing MMA flooring…

System Data (TDS)

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Flowfast Damp Primer Product Data Sheets
Flowfast DINP Pigment Paste Product Data Sheets
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Flowfast Flexible Sealer Product Data Sheets
Flowfast Primer Product Data Sheets
Flowfast Primer Diluent Product Data Sheets
Flowfast Sealer Product Data Sheets
Flowfast SR System Data Sheets
Flowfast SRQ System Data Sheets
Flowfast Terrosso System Data Sheets
Flowtex F1 Mortar Product Data Sheets
Flowfast Binder VOC Testing
Flowfast Flexible Binder VOC Testing
Flowfast Flexible Sealer VOC Testing
Flowfast Primer VOC Testing
Flowfast Sealer VOC Testing
Flowfast SR Fire Testing
Flowfast SRQ Fire Testing
Flowfast Terrosso Fire Testing

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