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The hotel space doesn’t just encompass rooms and suites but also reception foyers, restaurants, bars, clubs and service areas that all require durable but decorative flooring solutions capable of withstanding the daily service conditions of these popular buildings...

Flowfresh antimicrobial polyurethane flooring solutions provide the ultimate in hygiene and durability for restaurant kitchen and bar environments which are subjected to daily traffic, impact and spillage.

Flowfast SRQ provides a rapid-curing solution for kitchen and bar refurbishments, when downtime and disruption must be kept to a minimum.

The check-in, reception and foyer areas of a hotel or serviceable apartments is the doorway to your facility and should be styled accordingly so as to make both a welcoming and lasting impression on visitors. 

Behind the scenes of a successful hotel are the bustling service areas, from corridors and loading docks to maintenance rooms and laundries.  Each area has specific flooring requirements, corridors and loading docks will need to stand up to wheeled trolley and heavy foot traffic where the focus in the laundry is a sanitary platform underfoot.

Flowcrete Australia has the right flooring solution for all areas contained within hotel and apartment complexes.

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