Commercial Resin Flooring

  • Commercial Resin Flooring
  • Commercial Resin Flooring
  • Commercial Resin Flooring
  • Commercial Resin Flooring

Nothing can transform an educational, retail, or public environment quite like a vibrant resin floor finish from our Commerical Flooring range...

It's a well-known fact that after walls, floors represent the largest component in an interior design scheme. In this way, they offer an excellent platform to make a bold statement underfoot.

Flowcrete Australia offers a range of epoxy and polyurethane commercial flooring solutions:

Flowcoat Terrosso

Flowcoat Terrosso is a highly decorative, epoxy resin-based floor coating system that features creative blends of coloured acrylic flakes.

Flowcoat SRQ

Flowcoat SRQ is a decorative, epoxy resin-based floor coating system that features blends of coloured quartz aggregate.

Flowfast Terrosso

Flowfast Terrosso is a seamless, durable methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin floor finish featuring decorative flake blends that delivers a fast track transformation for commercial and industrial environments.

Flowfast SRQ

Flowfast SRQ is a hard-wearing, decorative, fast curing MMA resin floor topping made up of colour stable quartz granules in a clear resin binder.

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Available Systems

The following systems are available in Flowcrete Australia's range of commercial resin flooring...

System Data (TDS)

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Flowcoat SC Product Data Sheets
Flowcoat SRQ System Data Sheets
Flowcoat Terrosso System Data Sheets
Flowcrete GP Resin Product Data Sheets
Flowprime AU Product Data Sheets
Flowseal HTS Product Data Sheets
Flowshield SRQ System Data Sheets
Flowtex F1 Mortar Product Data Sheets
Flowtex Sealer Product Data Sheets
Rustik + UV System Data Sheets
Satin Seal (WB) Product Data Sheets
Universal Accelerator Product Data Sheets
Flowcoat SRQ Fire Testing
Flowcoat Terrosso Fire Testing
Flowseal HTS Fire Testing
Flowshield UV Fire Testing
Flowtex Sealer Fire Testing
Satin Seal WB Fire Testing

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